Oil Painting classes are open to all levels, from complete beginners to advanced painters.

Classes are ongoing from month to month, with most students becoming addicted and staying in classes for years.  If you have always wanted to learn to paint, just do it!  

To see what people are working on in class, take a look at the "New work in the classroom" tab of this website.  Believe it or not, most of the students whose work is shown there started with Michelle as beginners.  People learn really fast at the Classical Art Academy!

TUITION:  Tuition is paid by the month, not by the class.  Most months have 4 classes, but every third month will have only 3 classes.  Please see the "calendar" section for updated closure dates. 

Months with 4 classes are $150.00 per month, months with 3 classes are $130 per month.

See Calendar tab for class dates.


I recently moved to CO and wanted to continue my pursuit of painting. So happy I found the Classical Art Academy. Michelle is knowledgable in so many aspects. She knows and teaches the why and how behind all types of subject matter and color theory. I learn something new in every class. Great teacher!  Nicky Barbee

Michelle Philip and her Classical Art Academy has been so wonderful for me. She is extremely knowledgeable about art and the process. She has a wonderful ability to connect with students in a nurturing, and practical way that helps them achieve their goals creatively. She has many tricks and practical applications and can help develop a students own unique style. I think she is incredible and anyone , beginner or expert is lucky to know and study with her.  Karen Burke

Michelle is one of those rare things - a truly great teacher. She is patient, calm, helpful, enthusiastic and a mine of artistic knowledge. She will take your artwork to a new level by strengthening your basic art training, you will not believe the results. The Classical Art Academy is a great space and a great addition to the Boulder art scene. The classes are kept small and there is a fantastic mix of students.  The atmosphere is absolutely wonderful and the time just flies by.  Alison Craig

I have been in Michelle's painting class for almost a year now and totally reccomend it to anyone who wants to learn to paint or become a better painter. She is so flexible - she can start you from the very beginning or pick up wherever you are. The environment she creates is so welcoming and fun, I am convinced she can teach anyone anything. Michelle is so friendly and sweet and has a huge wealth of knowledge about everything art; she is a fantastic teacher and a genuinely good person. Her classes are awesome! Anastasia Horwith

Michelle is a supportive, encouraging, and enthusiastic instructor who has the ability to zero in on each student's strength while helping them to improve other less developed areas. The atmosphere she creates in class is relaxed, even when teaching technical and traditional approaches to drawing and painting.  Madeleine Morrison


Michelle Philip "Ring of Kerry"



Michelle Philip "Onion study"