Michelle Philip's Color Mixing System $40


If you would like to hone your color mixing skills,  I highly recommend purchasing this tutorial.  It is suitable for all levels.

The package includes three videos demonstrating my personal system that I teach every student in class, plus a short book and a printable color wheel to keep with you at your easel while you paint.

This instruction is available to all, not just Classical Academy Students.  This is not just another lecture about the color wheel - this is a very unusual and efficient system that will get even a total beginner mixing the colors they see with confidence and precision almost immediately.

Experienced artists are literally blown away after watching my videos, wishing they had known this system years ago.  Please don't be intimidated if you have never purchased an online tutorial before.  I know that technology does not come naturally to everybody and I will patiently and cheerfully walk you through the download process if you experience any problems at all.

If you have any questions, please call or text  Michelle at 303-522-3048 or email classicalartacademy@gmail.com